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On FLEEK / What’s the color landscape for 2018?

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We’re barely into the second quarter of 2017, but the Pantone Color Institute is already identifying trends that will define 2018 in a big way. Ironically, it’s the very “age of uncertainty” we find ourselves in that has given rise to these emerging color preferences, which are anything but wishy-washy.

Pink will continue big—especially in combination with orange. Green and the nature/environmental tie will continue strong. Purple is around but not as hot as it has been. And the metals to watch are gold and silver, often appearing together. Whimsical, quirky and playful are in, and self-expression extends to out-and-out rebellion.

The future is about chasing our wellbeing in this age of uncertainty and making home the altar where we worship it. For home interior and fashion merchandisers who must stay ahead of the design game, Pantone says to tune in to these eight lifestyle trends with accompanying color palettes.

1. Resourceful

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

In an age of uncertainty, one has to be resourceful, right? This palette brings together the energy of complementary blues and oranges, a vibrant yellow and an always dependable gray, because we'll need it to steady us.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Molly Winters photo / Camille Styles

“Color is like oxygen to me,” says interior designer Merrilee McGehee. “It keeps a vibrant through line in a home.” The bungalow she shares with her family drives that point home, and the living room, in particular, nails the “Resourceful” palette with vibrant blue chairs, salmon-orange walls, a classic gray sofa, and pops of yellow in a layered area rug.

I think of “Resourceful” as the design equivalent of the TV character MacGyver: Anyone who could put together a room like this could do most anything. Continue your tour of McGehee’s west Austin, TX, home at Camille Styles.

2. Playful

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

Adults won’t think twice before stealing these bright, happy, playful colors from the kids’ rooms. Living in an age of uncertainty puts extra emphasis on play. Our parents might have said it like this: Make hay while the sun shines.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Eve Wilson photo / The Design Files

Madeleine and Jeremy Grummett take that philosophy to heart in their Melbourne, Australia, home. All those playful Pantone colors are in place, but it’s the painting at the far end of the room that grabs my attention.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Eve Wilson photo / The Design Files

Now that’s playful, wouldn’t you say? Not quite sure how you explain that one to the kids over breakfast, but you can see more of this home on The Design Files.

3. Discretion


Discretion is supposed to be the better part of valor, but there’s nothing namby-pamby about this palette when you see it in action. Like “Resourceful,” it gets its power from the pairing of complements—in this case, purples and yellows.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Mary Summers photo / Hi Sugarplum

And as courageous as this “Discretion” living room is, it retains the quality of a wonderful but carefully kept secret. It was part of the One Room Challenge in fall 2015. Check it out up-close-and-personal at Hi Sugarplum.

4. Verdure

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

“Greenery,” Pantone's 2017 color of the year, will remain big in 2018, but we'll see it paired with other hues pulled directly from nature.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
David Tsay photo

“Verdure” seems about right for the bedroom of Justina Blakeney, author of The New Bohemians and the The Jungalow blog. I featured a full tour of her renovated Los Angeles home on BoHo Home last summer. 

5. Far-Fetched

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

This palette isn’t only about unusual pairings—like pink and orange, which the Pantone folks say is really hot—it’s about colors and textures that evoke far-away places—and sunrises and sunsets, I might add. To me, this palette, more than any of the others, says Morocco, with all the heat of the desert.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Roger Davies photo

This is the bedroom of Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, so it follows that it’s more sophisticated than the average teen room. And exotic. It may not all be in this palette, but you won’t want to miss the full tour of the Smith’s Malibu home.

6. Intricacy

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

“Intricacy” isn't merely about color and texture; it's also about craft and layering.

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
William Waldron photo / via One Kings Lane

This room appeared in a feature entitled, “The Most Beautifully Collected Rooms We’ve Seen,” and it’s certainly that, which also makes it intricate. Minimalism will still be big in 2018, but so will maximalism, say the experts at Pantone. Though it will be a layered, orderly, curated maximalism, like we see here. That's “Intricate.”

I love the little pops of pink amongst all those neutrals!

7. Intensity

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

I read an article just the other day that said red is making a comeback, and a strong red through line is what defines Pantone’s “Intensity” palette. Again, some of the intensity of the “Intensity” palette comes from careful layering to create that “less is a bore” look without falling into chaos. 

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan
Douglas Friedman photo

This may be a room designed for a child, but it has the intensity any color-wise adult would relish. What else would you expect in the Dominican Republic retreat of designer Celerie Kemble?

8. Tech-Nique

www.BoHoHome @bohosusan

The “Tech-Nique” palette plays along with the iridescent “unicorn” trend you’ve probably noticed. It’s ultra-modern and contains transparent elements, such as glass accessories and Lucite furniture. The tech element might include a chromatherapy system, an aromatherapy app, programmed white noise that soothes, or even 3D-printed items.

Lisa Klappe photos

I had trouble finding entire rooms in this palette, but the parts are certainly available to assemble a whole. The Prismania chair by designer Elise Luttik appeared at Milan’s Salone Satellite in 2016. Thanks to its dichroic film, it can look transparent at one angle and show all the colors of the rainbow at another.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Amazing cats and their boho-tastic homes @bohosusan

In celebration of National Hairball Awareness Day tomorrow, I decided to show you all some spectacular cats and their boho-tastic digs. So curl up on the couch, grab a brush to entice your own rockin’ feline to join you, and perhaps you can collaborate on a redo of the space the two of you share.

Sticky rollers at the ready? GO! @bohosusan
Bart Kiggen photo / Design Sponge

An IKEA daybed never looked so good as in this townhouse in Belgium. I’m betting that kitty spends some long hours curled up either against that gold velvet pillow or on the sheepskin throw. @bohosusan
Emily Billings photo / Apartment Therapy

Every boho home needs lots of plants. Looks like Snowboots and these cacti have learned to live and let live in this 655-square-foot rental in Boston’s south end. @bohosusan
Carley Summers photo / Domino

I love the mix of printed ethnic textiles in the home of interiors photographer Carley Summers. You can see more photos of Summers’ home, as well as her sleek black kitty-cat, on her Instagram feed. @bohosusan
Benjamin Holtrop photo / Design Sponge

Ellie the cat shares 500 square feet in the upstairs of a 1920s-era farmhouse in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, OR, with her florist owner. I’m ogling that macramé wall-hanging and wondering if Ellie uses it for climbing practice. @bohosusan
Sharlene Kayne / Via Home & Garden

This is home sweet home to maker, artist and designer Sharlene Kayne. See more of her work and her own abode when you follow her on Instagram. @bohosusan
Heather Keeling photo / Apartment Therapy

These cool, midcentury-modern antique chairs are the favorite perch of Bootleg the cat. Follow the link for a full tour of this 1,500-square-foot home in the Kilbourn Park area of Chicago @bohosusan
Melissa Nichols and Jake Durrett photo / Apartment Therapy

What is it about kitties sleeping just at the base of the pillows their owners use? If it were ME curling up for a snooze, I’d be burrowing under that colorful kantha coverlet. Follow the link to see more of this 400-square-foot studio apartment in the lower Pacific Heights area of San Francisco, CA. @bohosusan
Cesar Segarra / AD Espana

This beautiful brown tabby—so much like my own Maisie-Cat!—shares this stylish and eclectic space in Barcelona, Spain, with designer Paloma Lanna of Paloma Wool. Take the full tour and don’t forget to [alt mouse click + translate to English], unless, of course, you read Spanish. @bohosusan
Almost Makes Perfect

I love how this beautiful fur-baby complements the colors in the pillow and the wall-hanging. Be sure to check out the DIY tutorial for that pompon quilt conversion. @bohosusan
David Merewether photo / Wealden Times

Do British cats speak with British accents? Maybe the answer lies in the full tour of this delightfully eclectic home in Tunbridge Wells, UK. @bohosusan
Via Casinha Colorida

This baby is pretty in pink (the room, not the cat). Follow the link for a complete tour of these cherchez-la-femme boho digs, but [alt-click + translate to English] unless you speak Portuguese. @bohosusan
Hannah Puechmarin photo

What a sweet face this Aussie snowball has! Don’t miss the full tour of her equally-Aussie boho home in Ipswich, Queensland. @bohosusan
Emily Billings photo / Apartment Therapy

Siddharta lives with an interior designer and a builder in a 2,400-square-foot carriage house in the Harrison Hill area of Dorchester, in Boston, MA. Cats, as we all know, love to take cover in bookshelves. What a neat idea to have an empty basket there, ready to protect her from the big, bad person at the door! @bohosusan
Steph (owner) photo / Apartment Therapy

Now THIS feline puts the attitude in cattitude. Am I right? Follow the link to see the rest of the Silver Lake, CA, studio apartment he (she?) reigns over.

If it seems there’s a preponderance of brown tabbies in this post, I admit to a bias @bohosusan
BoHo Home

Here’s my very own terrific tabby in a rare docile moment, taking a snooze on the sofa. You can see more of my boho modern chic living room HERE and HERE.

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  • If the "more" you want is CATS, please adopt a rescue. Check with your veterinarian for reputable rescue organizations in your area, or search on Petfinder. Wherever you find your new best friend, be sure to love 'em to pieces, K?
  • See more funky felines on their own interior turf on my House Cat Pinterest board. Or go HERE to follow ALL 92 of my mostly home interiors boards.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My 7 take-aways from Melissa Michael's Simple Decorating @bohosusan

I spent a delightful Sunday afternoon this weekend reading Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home by Melissa Michaels. While not pocket-size, the book is definitely purse-size and its 108 pages are chock full of ideas that rift on fine-tuning your eyes to look at (and use) what you have in a new way.

Michaels is also the inspirational human behind The Inspired Room blog and has written three other books—one with a companion coloring book!—that feature photos from her very own inspired family homes (note homes plural). Why the emphasis on plural? Because in this book you get to see how Michaels adapted many of the same furnishings used in one home to work in another after a recent move—no mean feat, as anyone who’s moved can attest.

Here are my seven favorite ideas from this book as a teaser. You'll want to read all 50 ideas for yourself, of course, as well as her other books. So follow the purchase links at the end of this review to get a closer look and buy.

1. Bullet points on ‘How to Change Your Style on a Budget’ @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

Particularly the suggestion to try something unexpected, like using a stool for an end table, a hutch for a bookcase, or, as in the above photo, hang a wire basket on the wall.

2. Along with that, an idea from her ‘Mix and Match’ section @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

"If you have a basic look you are going for, whether that be a particular era or style or basic color theme, throw in a twist with a piece that doesn’t fit the rule so it can stand out as fresh,” Michaels writes.

This hits close to home, given that five years ago the Lawson household began to transition from Early American to Midcentury Modern Boho Chic. A big jump, huh? I still have several occasional tables and storage pieces reflecting my earlier preferences, and I see now that they add interest to the mix. It also makes me wish I hadn't been so quick to get rid of some of the things I did, but that is, alas, water under the bridge.

3. ‘8 Ways to a Happy Home’ OR 

how to be in relationship with your home @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

In particular, I loved the ideas of…
  • Creating one “happy corner” in your home to fall in love with and counter the chaos elsewhere
  • Letting home be the centerpiece of your joy by naming 20 things you look forward to doing for it (sorting books, creating displays, and placing inspiring quotes and photos were just a few of the suggestions mentioned)
  • Imagining what you’d do to your home if time and money were unlimited, then finding a way to make one item happen creatively. I think about my kitchen in this way ALL THE TIME.

4. Thinking in 3s as a starting place @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

To name a few...

  • Three pieces of furniture to a particular zone
  • Fill no more than two-thirds of a room
  • Choose a coffee table two-thirds the size of the sofa
  • Hang artwork or mirrors two-thirds the size of what’s below
  • Three colors in a room in a 60-30-10 ratio
  • Repeat a color three times within a room
  • Envisioning a grid of three rows of three as a starting point for a gallery wall
  • And so on

Some of these I knew, some I followed already by instinct, and others gave me new ideas for change within my own home.

5. Ideas for creating memory-based art @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

I’m not much of a sentimentalist, and you won’t find many family photos displayed in my home, though I have my share in storage boxes. But I do enjoy mounting keepsakes—a hand-painted Chinese fan I bought on a first “date” with my husband and three teeny bow ties he wore as a child.

I especially liked Michaels’ idea of using a placemat or wrapping paper as the backdrop when framing or otherwise displaying these special objects.

6. Tips for displaying with dimension @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

Particularly the admonition to work high to low and front to back. This is what’s been missing from my home displays! @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

Also the idea to vary the impact of the display by pairing opposites: rounded and angular, thick and thin, rough and smooth, etc.

7. Filling your home with gratitude @bohosusan
Simple Decorating

When I finished the book, I went for a walk in the crisp spring air. I mulled over all Michaels said about appreciating what you have and filling your less-than-perfect home with gratitude. I soaked in the sunshine. And when I returned and opened the door into the home I’d left only moments before, I saw it with new eyes.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A page from my PATTERN JOURNAL / Japanese maple in spring @bohosusan

Explore with me in this and upcoming PATTERN JOURNALS, the connection of all things. We'll start with the Japanese maple that grows outside my office window, which has only recently leafed out, and see where it takes us. @bohosusan
BoHo Home @bohosusan
BoHo Home @bohosusan
Valentino spring 2017 collection / Umberto Fratini photo  / Vogue @bohosusan
Untitled I, a fibre pigment print from the series Cocktail by Namsa Leuba  / via Artsy @bohosusan
Untitled (pull), a ceramic sculpture by Jessica Stoller / via Artsy @bohosusan
HGTV @bohosusan
Better Homes and Gardens @bohosusan
Pieter Estersohn photo

Japanese maple moodboard @bohosusan

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