Thursday, September 29, 2016

2 fashion designers’ homes pair with their NYFW collections

I’m always hearing interior designers recommend you look to your wardrobe to get inspiration for your home's decor. What colors do you like to wear? And what sort of textures beckon you to buy? Build that into an interior design plan and you’re bound to come up with a happy home.

But what about fashion designers? Do their collections (rather than their own closets) inspire their homes? Or is it vice-versa? It was a happy accident that turned up these tours of the getaway retreats of two fashion designers who debuted collections at New York Fashion Week: Christian Siriano and Trina Turk. So I thought it would be fun to try to match up their designs with areas in their homes. You get to be the judge of what’s inspiration and what’s its result.

First up is Christian Siriano’s Danbury, CT, retreat @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

I apologize for the hiccup in scale that makes Siriano look Lilliputian and his lovely model Amazonian. But perhaps it helps us look beyond the people themselves to the designs. It’s the patterning that flows from coat to room (and makes a pit stop at Christian’s very own shirt). The garments carry the breezy swing of the beach blankets and umbrellas in that artwork, too, if not its bright colors. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

The shape and color of the hat on this model remind me of the flower painting over the fireplace in Siriano’s living room. @bohosusan
Marcus Tonda photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

Siriano got major applause for the plus-size models he included in his NY runway show, proving that he designs for women of every body type. This corner of his living has some breezy blues like these this dress, but it’s the shape of the lady in the artwork that ties the garment to the room. Curvy, huh? @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

The room is full of flowing shapes, just like the gown, as well as black accents and blue pops. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photos via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

So the model on the left is channeling the dresser in this foyer, while the model on the right is translating the lamps. Got it? @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

Siriano must love this shade of blue, and I laud him for actually showing clothes for spring and summer that look like they were meant to be worn then. (Not the case for a lot of NYFW.) I love this robe-like, flowy dress and can almost see it tossed over this cute, rustic settee, casually dropped there by the lady in the painting.

I wonder: Did the settee come painted that color and it inspired Siriano's collection, or did he come up with its go-to fashion hue? The Pantone color report on 2017 spring fashions calls it Island Blue, and Siriano uses a lot of it. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

The designer is at his best when playing it splashy. Check out the Island Blue walls and beachy-boho décor in his family room. I'd guess the print used in this ensemble was born in this room. Flame, an a reddish orange, is another color Pantone says will be big in the spring. It's already big in this ensemble and room, and is the perfect color complement to Island Blue. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

The one vanilla space (in color only) in the home is the master bedroom. Siriano says its peacefulness helps him unwind from the hectic pace of NY. But like this dress, the room is tailored and elegant while also being relaxed. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

And surely this one corner of the master, with its great textures, had something to do with this fun, streetwise coatdress. It all proves Christian Siriano can shift into neutral and still win the race. @bohosusan
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Alec Hemer photo via Elle Decor

Siriano’s husband, Brad Walsh, says he doesn’t allow Christian to decorate from any collection in process, but I guess this one in the guest room snuck through.

I love the fashions. I LOVE the house. My only disconnect is the house has so much yellow and green, but there’s absolutely none in Siriano’s spring/summer 2017 collection. So maybe that’s something he’s saving for NEXT time around, think?

Next, we travel west to Trina Turk’s Palm Springs, CA, hideaway @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

Trina Turk is all about color at home and in her designs. No telling which comes first, but I think the two definitely cross-pollinate, as this fun dress and this foyer vignette illustrate. You look at Turk herself (right) and know she has the “decorate from your closet” idea down pat. @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

Scallops and swirls tie together this classy sundress and another vignette in the Turk household. I’m swooning over that bag on the faded leather ottoman. If only I could reach into this photo and steal it away! @bohosusan
Photo courtesty of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

Lots of radiant circles in this dress and top, as well as this living room. Why even the room itself is rounded! And the color—oh my!! Trina Turk is all over color at home and in her work. @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

But she does subtle well, too, as in this cool and crisp cover-up. That drop-dead gorgeous necklace looks like it was made to go with the hat lounging by one of the home’s several fireplaces. I’ll take the cover-up, necklace, AND the bag, please! (And the rhino head and the vase and the chair and...) @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

This swinging shift reminds me of the glass artwork straight ahead in Turk’s dining room. What do you think? @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

And just so you know Turk does black and white with the best of them, there’s this pant outfit and this bar, partners in intoxication. @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

More glorious color abounds in both this outfit and Trina’s patio daybed. She says it’s her favorite chill-out-and-read-a-book place. No kidding! Looks like there’s room for two, so maybe I could join her? I’ll even bring my own book (though I may make off with the pillows, the towel and whatever else will fit in my beach tote). @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

This bathing suit is simply killer-cute and shares more than a little in common with the throw blanket on this bed. Oh yeah...and the model rocks it with attitude of her own! I think this swimsuit would inspire me to take NO prisoners!! @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

This shorts outfit picks up the darker tones in this room and the zig-zaggy top reminds me of that gorgeous shaggy lion head on the fireplace. Exactly how many fireplaces ARE there in this home? I've counted three already. For those cool desert nights, I suppose... @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Trina Turk via Vogue / Nicole LaMotte photo via One Kings Lane

Turk displays some of her collection of vintage jewelry on a fun patterned tray, and the pants and top at the left must be jewels that grew wings and flew away. I am sooooooo loving all this intense orange!

Want more? Of course you do!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NYFW runway-to-room pairings showcase boho in full swing

It’s FASHION WEEK on BoHo Home. That’s right—all runway-to-room pairings for the next week. We’ll kick it off today with pairings from New York Fashion Week, which wrapped up Sept. 14. And if those fashions alone are any indication, the boho look is about to go big-time.

If anything, interior design and home décor is ahead of this game. Design magazines and nonspecific interiors blogs have been showing more and more eclectic interiors inspired by Bohemian-hippy-gypsy-60s/70s-wanderlusting-multicultural enthusiasm as this year has progressed.

But boho love aside, my overall take on spring 2017 fashions I've seen so far has my swoon-o-meter running somewhere between hot and cold—tepid? (Sounds better than lukewarm.) Designers are still besotted with the see-through, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination look totally unsuitable for streetwear unless you're streetwalking. And fall and winter colors seem more in use than those we typically see for spring and summer. Not so many pastels this time-around in NY (everyone’s tired of rose quartz, including me), but an abundance of oranges, ochres and moody shades of green.

Even if the NYFW offerings themselves didn’t always inspire me, the fabrics were more gorgeous than ever, with a big emphasis on ethnic, geometric, and painterly prints. Here are my favorites, with emphasis on the boho, of course.

1. Proenza Schouler collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Monica Feudi photo via Vogue / Sarah Dorio photo via My Domaine

Jayme Armour’s gorgeous global room at right has the look of this wrapped garment all wrapped up, don’t you think? Ochre is going to be big, I predict. Usually a fall color, but it looks exotic in any clime, especially paired with blues and reds. 

And isn’t it fun how that stuffed fox picks up the color of the runway outfit? Okay, I love the look of Mr. Fox in this photo, but no taxidermy in my home—not even a faux fox made of bunny fur. Absolutely no dead animals or dead animal part. 

This home happens to belong to the designer, and you can see more of it at My Domaine.

2. Diane von Furstenburg collection

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Photo courtesy of Diane von Furstenburg via Vogue / Monteverdi Tuscany Retreat via Dot & Bo

The gorgeous floral print on the model’s sumptuous slacks could easily make the transition to draperies or upholstery. So much so that perhaps that’s where it got its start? In any case, I love the mix of colors in this outfit, and the home-away-from-home boho room designed by Ilaria Miani proves my home-decor point. 

Both seem autumnal to me. What do you think?

3. Timo Weiland collection

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Photo courtesy of Timo Weiland / Joshua McHugh photo via Architectural Digest

Another autumn-like offering, but given that this outfit has a safari look and the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, perhaps it is right on. What’s also right on is the boho bedroom designed by Robert Passal, which reads inviting to me in any season.

4. Haus Alkire collection

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Photo courtesy of Haus Alkire via Vogue / Via Bohemian Homes on Tumblr

I'm always a sucker for a good-looking jacket, and this one has me drooling. What's not to love? Gold always gets to me in photos, though I seldom wear it or decorate with it. Something about the camera makes it look like it burns with an inner fire, which is certainly true of the boho seating area here. That the coat is brocade and the seats are velvet doesn’t hurt either.

5. Raquel Allegra collection

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Photo courtesy of Raquel Allegra via Vogue / Kristina Kotlarova photo via Architectural Digest

Here’s one of those “painterly fabrics” I was talking about, along with more gold and ochre, this time adroitly paired with an animal print. 

The Juan Carretaro-designed room subtly picks up all the colors of the outfits without being a copy. It’s something about the textures and patterns he chooses—marble, leather, caning, and muted plaids. So much go-to gorgeousness, left and right! See more of this home at Architectural Digest

6. Marissa Webb collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Marcus Tondo photo via Vogue / Stephen Karlisch photo via Apartment Therapy

These two romantic boho tops and bottoms are so wearable I’m itching for the body to show them off! But ho-hum, you’re more likely to find me crashing in this similarly outfitted bedroom designed by Michelle Nussbaumer, watching Netflix reruns and popping grapes. 

NYFW showed many shades of orange for spring, from vibrant to the more subtle bronzy-peach tones in these blouses and the room. I’m loving the patterned carpet and the abstract pillow on the leopard chair. Rrrrrrowl!

7. Christian Siriano collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Marcus Tonda photo via Vogue / Stephen Karlisch photo via Apartment Therapy

Sorry to repeat Interior designers, but it takes a heavy-hitter like Michelle Nussbaumer to do justice to this gorgeous evening-out jumpsuit ensemble from our favorite Project Runway winner. The flaps and flourishes hit all the right high notes on the model, and I love how the fabric reverses on the waist-tie. The Nussbaumer room is just as upscale and elegant as the dress, but the area rug and global accents connect the boho dots. 

8. Parsons MFA collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Marcus Tonda photo via Vogue / Abigail Ahern via We Are Scout

Despite the cap sleeves, this is a winter dress, no? It looks MUCH too heavy for spring or summer and even for a complete dress. But you gotta admit the fabric is gorgeous. I’d love a jacket or coat done in it—or, better yet, a wall hanging or area rug, which would look completely at home in the moody room at right, designed by Abigail Ahern.

9. Milly collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue / Asier Rua photo via Elle Espana

The abstract geometric print used here reminds me of signal flags (in a good way). Interior designer Marta de la Rica also captures that feeling in the room at right. See more photos of this home at Elle Espana.

10. Lacoste collection 

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue / Stephen Karlisch photo via Apartment Therapy

Is this a coat or a hooded dress? Either way, I love it! That fabric print is SCREAMING to be in home décor, and it makes the leap in another view of the the same Michelle Nussbaumer living room I paired with Christian Siriano. 

What can I say? Nussbaumer has a new book out--Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home--and the blogosphere is glutted with photos from it, which is definitely a good thing. Gorgeousness!!

11. Brock Collection

You found these photos at @bohosusan. Captions include full photo credits.
Yannis Vlamo photo via Vogue / Ivan Teretschenko photo

This model looks as if she were expertly wrapped in the coverlets from this bed. More ochre, as you see, with an orangish-bronze hue. What a great look for evening AND the boho bedroom!

12. Zac Posen collection

Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue / Greg Elms photo via Architectural Digest

Now this dress is just all kinds of pretty and boho-femine, not unlike the glorious guest room at Il Convento di Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, a B&B in Italy’s Salento Peninsula. I’ll take BOTH, please!

Here’s what’s in store for the rest of BoHo Home’s Fashion Week:

  • Thursday, Sept. 29: Tune in for a tour of two fashion designers’ homes paired with the collections they unveiled at NYFW.
  • Saturday, Oct. 1: More pairings from London and Milan.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4 : A Paris FW wrap.

WHEW!! I’m exhausted just trying to pull all this together! Good thing I’m not working the shows...

Meanwhile, if you want more:

  • Follow the links in the headings to see each featured designer’s full collection.
  • See all the collections debuted so far, as well as updates as they’re happening, at Vogue.
  • Find the hover-over links throughout this post to learn more about the interior designers whose rooms are pictured or see more photos of a particular home.
  • Follow my blog with Bloglovin or by email with one of the subscription services listed at the bottom of this page.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Art by Edoardo De Falchi for my boho home

When it comes to art and artistic objects, the going advice is always to buy what you love and can afford, whether your home décor style is boho, period, rustic, or something else. I have an entrenched habit of shopping markdowns and acquiring too much of what I merely like rather than love, but I’m trying to change that up. With that in mind, I’ve started collecting collages of an artist I discovered while browsing Saatchi Art: Edoardo De Falchi.

I’ve always gravitated toward collage. The storyteller in me likes seeing images and shapes pieced together to create something new and abstract. So when I saw Saatchi had gobs and gobs of original collage to browse, I went for it and found this gorgeous boho lady by De Falchi: @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

De Falchi calls her Goya ≈ Kandinsky.

 And if Goya and Kandinsky are approximately equal, their combination here is greater than the sum of the parts, at least to my untrained and adoring eye. Yes, I realize this was likely made from a mashup of Taschen art books bought in a used bookstore, but I LOVE her, so I bought her. 

The Original Collage. From the artist (signed on back). It’s not my first purchase of original art, but close. So if I seem a bit giddy, you’ll understand. @bohosusan

She is a combination of The Duchess of Alba with her Maltese Dog by Francisco de Goya and Sky Blue by Wassily Kandinsky. Goya painted several portraits of this woman—María Cayetana de Silva, the 13th Duchess of Alba—who was known for her eccentric personality.

...You might say that very thing of me! No wonder She called out to me....

Sky Blue was one of Kandinsky’s later paintings. The whimsical creatures afloat in the sky resemble mixed-up animals. @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Usually collage involves layering images to build up something new. In this collage, the layering is a little different. Areas—specifically the face and dress of the duchess—have been cut away so that Kandisky's image, placed behind Goya's, shows through. The result lends an other-wordly quality to Goya's portrait and seems to me to be about looking not outward, but inward, to the imagination.

The duchess is my new muse, displayed on a desk easel so I can see her as I work.

BoHo Home

A decent portion of De Falchi’s work is priced at a level that makes purchasing an original not so much more than buying a print, but you can do that as well, in whatever size your walls require. Indeed, his images are available on tote bags, mugs and more, and he works in other media besides collage.

Who Edoardo De Falchi is, though, remains a bit of a mystery. It's known that he works as a graphic artist in Rome, but beyond that he keeps himself to himself. In an interview he said he thought the point of making art was to let it speak for you. I like that, and I like what his art says to me.

BoHo Home

Saatchi allows you to make an offer on the art you're interested in, but it quickly rejects low-ball offers (I know, I tried). I found you're fairly safe of getting an offer accepted if you take 15 percent off the listed price, though there will be a delay while it's submitted to the artist (or so the website says). Shipping is included, regardless of where the work originates. Any promo codes you have only apply to listed prices.

BoHo Home

My order took about eight weeks to arrive because, coming from Italy, it had to go through customs. But it was worth the wait. It came through unscathed with some lovely stamps and postmarks that even intrigued the delivery agent. “Must be something special,” he said, “all the way from Italy!”

Yes, I replied, fingers twitching in anticipation. Now hand it over before I stab you with my pen. (Okay, I didn't really say that last part.)

As a bonus, De Falchi included a 2nd collage as a thank-you. @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi

This is not a PRINT of a collage, but an actual cut-and-pasted work. An abstract self-portrait? My heart went pit-a-pat! I included it along with the provenance within the preservation mount and frame. @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Saatchi sends me emails when Edoardo (we're Facebook friends now) uploads new work, so the other day I knocked around the site and ordered two more collages: “This is not the Portrait of Jane Seymour” (left, with apologies to Rene Magritte on the title, I assume) and “LʘʘK!” (right).

Look and see more, indeed!! Thank you very much, I believe I shall.

I’d love to own this one (hint-hint): @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Della Francesca﹏Mirò, but it’s waaaaaayyyy out of my price range. Maybe Edoardo will tuck it into my next shipment as a bonus for becoming a collector.

No? Well, it was worth a shot. 

Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

I like this one just as much—Morandi ˘ ⌡ ˘ Goya—and it's less money but still a bit out of my price range at present. So Edoardo—old-buddy-old-pal—feel free to subsitute it as my next thank-you. 

If you want more (like I do)...

  • Check out Edoardo De Falchi’s website, 1nd3x
  • Follow him on Flickr and/or Facebook
  • Read an interview with him at The F Breath. 
  • See more of his work HERE, HERE and HERE
  • Browse his collection of originals and prints for sale at Saatchi Art
  • Check out home goods and personal accessories imprinted with his designs at Society 6.
  • Follow my blog with Bloglovin or use one of the to-your-inbox subscription services at the bottom of this page. Because you never want to miss a day of BoHo Home.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer home decor finds to stoke my boho soul

Okay-okay-okay-okay, it’s FALL. But since we’re only one day in, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the summer boho home décor finds now gracing the Lawson homefront.

1. An addition to my orange-grove laundry room @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I don’t plan to give you a peek at my unmentionables (or air any dirty laundry either), but I will show you the part of my laundry room I can see from the clear opposite end of my condo. There are no windows back there, so I like to keep the door open, and thankfully I can, what with the powder room to the left and the washer and dryer to the right.

The walls have been a dreamsicle orange for some time. So what’s new here? Why that snazzy bright orange chair! Sadly, I’ve spent the last couple years dragging one of my dining chairs around the corner because I needed a place to sit down to fold clothes.

I found this industrial-style chair while researching a shopping post on the color papaya orange and it was love at first sight. I even tried to get my daughter to buy it for her dining room so I could visit it. Then it hit me: my laundry room!! When I went back to purchase it, I knew it was meant to be because it was on sale at over 50 percent off. I got this chair for a mere $42, shipping included. @bohosusan

And it’s still available at that price HERE. Don’t like orange? No worry. It comes in other colors. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, stackable, suitable for outdoor or indoor use, and ships fully assembled. It was well-packed and arrived without a scratch.

Even my husband, Chris, agrees it's perfect because it’s easy for me to move around, and it doesn’t take up as much space as our other chairs. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

And it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it or use it, which is A LOT!

2. Updated wall art @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

This is where most of what you read on BoHo Home comes together—I call it My Purple Throne. I have two desks arranged in an L that are mostly used for birdwatching by my cat, Maisie. More often than not, I write from this chair with my laptop on a small folding table.

If you read my post on indestructible Crypton fabric, you saw a photo of the chair but not the artwork above it. And that’s okay, since I recently changed it out and hung the wonderful collage piece in this photo. (Please excuse my unstyled bookshelves, which I plan to work on soon.) @bohosusan
Grandin Road

It’s called “Spin the Spool” wall art. I’m so pleased with this piece because it tells a story for me, AND it acts as a point of cohesion for the mix of color and pattern in my study. It’s not as large as the art I had here before, so I may eventually hang some smaller items with it. We’ll see. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I also changed out my bedroom hallway art. What was there for four years was supposed to be temporary—two prints of architectural rosettes framed at our last house to use for staging purposes while the house was up for sale. I wanted something more modern, and I’m glad I waited to find these. @bohosusan
Dot & Bo

Left to right, they are Bright Bytes, Interim Interest, and Mod World. Each is 12-by-12 inches and comes framed in bamboo. I love the bright midcentury modern designs, don't you?

3. Sweet trinket dishes, bowls and boxes

After going through all the ho-hum pretties I’ve bought in the last year, I’ve settled on trinket boxes and bowls as my go-to collectible. I plan to display some of my collection with my books when I get around to restyling those shelves. And I vow to be choosy about future additions. I only have so many shelves, you know, and I have to leave room for the books! 

Not ALL the ones I gravitate to are cats, but, I confess, MOST are. I never tire of cats—both domestic and wild, furry or painted. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I added these three kitties to my collection this summer. Clockwise from left they are: Porcelain Tiger Accent Plate, Imperial Bengal 3-D Serving Bowl by Tracy Porter, and Cat Ring Dish. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

Pretty funny that the middle one is called a serving bowl. It’s a trinket bowl, believe me. The only thing you could “serve” in it might be sugar packets. It much better suited to display my arrowheads, stones and crystals. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

And this little guy—grandly called a plate—I simply love, all spread out like a rug. Too cute!! He's definitely my favorite, but probably because he's my most recent find. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I almost forgot this beautiful glass box topped by an agate slice. It was such a buy on Zulily that I got the orange one for myself and a yellow one for my daughter. They're no longer available there, but I did see them on Amazon at a reasonable (though higher) price. @bohosusan
 BoHo Home photo

Inside, I plan to keep kitty keepsakes. The organza bag seen here contains fur from my sweet Molly, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012. Somewhere I have a paw print from her sister, Katie, who passed in 2010. When I locate it, this is where I’ll keep it henceforth. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

Agate slices are all the rage, so I haven’t stayed totally trend-free. But at least this one fits my new collecting scope, and I found a special purpose for it.

4. Coloring my world @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

This really s-----t-----r-----e-----t-----c-----h-----e-----s  meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I’ve never been ANY good at drawing, painting, sculpting or calligraphy. And yet I did well at graphic design, layout and paste-up, wall stenciling and theorems, and sewing. I realize now it all boiled down to whether I had a tool or project I could press my hands against to steady them (I have essential tremor).

However, I was inspired writing my post on Rebecca Atwood’s Living with Pattern and wanted to try my hand at creating some of my own abstract designs for use in home decorating. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I chose watercolor PENCILS because I thought they might be more forgiving. They can be used several ways for different effect—simply as colored pencils, dipped in water, or water added after drawing. I like the surprise aspect of what might develop, and my unsteady hand may even turn out to be a design friend. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

I chose a sketch pad with heavier paper and perforated pages so I could remove and display some of my better efforts (if I HAVE any). Eventually I want to try painting on fabric. I have a stack of white muslin remnants that will work for practice. At the very least, it will be fun, right? I may become the next Rebecca Atwood—HAW!

Don’t worry, I won’t forget my pals when I’m rich and famous. I may even knock 10 percent off my $250 throw pillows, IF you buy my book and keep reading BoHo Home. ;->

5. That bird

You know, the one you see everywhere? Particularly in Scandi-styled, all black-and-white homes? @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

My home is definitely not Scandinavian or any other variety of minimal. And there's no lack of color, but there's that bird anyway. Maybe you remember seeing him in my 9-11 tribute post. What's 9-11 got to do with this bird? Well, you'll have to follow the link and read the post to find out. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

Here's a birdseye view of that bird. He has white spots on his back like the stars on a starling. In addition to cats, I confess to a lesser weakness for birds. This little guy was such a good deal, though, I couldn't resist. @bohosusan
BoHo Home photo

When I took him out of the box and set him on my desk, peering out the window, there were a few seconds Maisie-cat thought he was real, that one of the birds on the feeder outside the window had found its way in. Now that's a picture I wish I'd captured! @bohosusan
Dot & Bo

As you see, this birdie comes in black with white spots, like mine, and white with black spots, though I'm not sure the white one resembles any bird I'm familiar with.

What did you find this summer? 

Do tell in the comments, and include photos if you have them. Follow my blog with Bloglovin or get to-your-inbox posts using one of the email subscription services at the bottom of this page.

And don't forget to have a terrific autumn!

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