Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday READ: from Jackie O & young royals to home sweet sewer

Here’s what caught my attention this week…

The Complicated Sisterhood of Jackie Kennedy and Lee RadziwillVanity Fair

Via Vanity Fair

I’m not a celebrity groupie and wouldn’t even bother someone in an airport or on the street. But I found this to be such a compelling read for two reasons:
  • The JFK connection. I was in grade school when we heard the news the President had been assassinated. There was an early dismissal and no more school until after Thanksgiving, a week off. My father was home, too. Everything just shut down. I remember watching all the TV coverage together as a family, our eyes glued to the television as the casket moved along the streets of DC, the salute from little John-John, the blood-stained suit Jackie wore to the funeral. It was a time of national mourning and a defining moment for everyone alive then, in many ways like 9/11. We all remember where we were when we heard.
  • I never had but always wanted a sister. A friend who had one once told me getting a sister isn't an assurance we'll like each other--haha! So true, as ALL sibling relationships are complicated. Though it isn’t addressed in this article, I’ve read elsewhere that sister Lee, now 83, is an anti-semite, which costs her points in my book, and in this article she portrays Jackie as a money-grubber. Jackie isn't here to answer back and probably wouldn't. On balance, the two supported each other.
Two extremely interesting women, both fashion and design icons, and a compelling and frank discussion of the ups and downs in their relationship. Must read!!

Neuroscientists Create ‘Atlas’ Showing How Words Are Organized in the Brain

The Guardian

A UK article on US research done at the University California–Berkeley. For someone like me, whose life is built around words, this is a fascinating read. The video helped me understand the article better. Make sure you give the interactive brain mapping tool a go as well

11 Surprising Things That Affect Your Dreams, Woman’s Day

Woman's Day

I’m a sucker for anything brain-related, but especially dreams. Find out how smells, sounds, food, sleep position, drugs, and TV impact the content and characters of your dreams.

Manholes Turned Tiny Homes Shed Light on Homelessness, Design Taxi


Italian artist/activist Biancoshock has decorated and photographed manholes as part of a project that highlights 600 people making their home within the Milan, Italy, sewer system. He debuted his works during Milan Design Week with the tagline “If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable,” lest in our quest to make our own living spaces beautiful we forget how some people are living. Check out his Instagram feed for more.

10 Shockingly Normal Things You Can Spot Inside Will and Kate’s PalacePopsugar

Getty Images

Rare photos of the young royals at home, entertaining the Obamas, have the design world abuzz. I was less interested in the piping and pillows, though, than the photo of Prince George looking veddy British in his monogrammed bathrobe and slippers (which might have been the model for that Milan manhole), bidding all goodnight.

As a side note, the piping on George’s sleepy-time duds matched that used on upholstery throughout the room. somebody has too much money and too much time to overthink decor. In any event, see ALL the photos from the tête à tête on the Kensington Palace Twitter feed. The ones of Georgie-Porgie are uber cute.

Check Out This Massive Chair Made from a Jet Engine, Apartment Therapy

Fallen Furniture

Technically, it’s a 737 engine cowling. My late father-in-law, who was an aircraft mechanic and tuned up the Enola Gay before its haunting run, would know the difference, but not I. I like it, but it’s a tad over-scale for my living room. Interested? Inquire at Fallen Furniture.

Ever Wanted to Spend the Night Inside a Giant Beagle? Now You CanWashington Post

Melanie D. G. Kaplan/Washington Post

The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B is located in Cottonwood, Idaho, if you’re interested. Just make sure you can get there from wherever you are, and be careful of that back door. ;->

The Inspired Room Coloring Book, The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room

For all you adult colorers out there who don't know what's missing from your scribbles, it must be what you're coloring. Blogger Melissa Michaels has designed a companion coloring book to her book and blog so we can now color décor items. Follow the links to preorder The Inspired Room Coloring Book: Creative Spaces to Decorate as You Dreamand to order her book, The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have. Also be sure to check out Melissa’s blog for a closer look and recommendations on her fave colored pencils.

5. This Wearable Will Wake You Up with Electric Shocks, Android Authority


No thank-you, but if you're into S&M (or just a very heavy sleeper), here's the lowdown: Right now, it’s vaporware in the form of a prototype on fundraising site Indiegogo. You can still sign on for the next 12 days at the $50 and $99 levels and be the first one with one. Just don't go dangling your foot in a pan of water while it's on your wrist, K?

Finally, some crafts for the crafty...



DIY Fiber Art, A Beautiful Mess

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In case you missed this week on BoHo Home...

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Corner of La Brea &
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tour home at intersection of La Brea & ‘collected boho chic’

I’m still admiring this West Hollywood home tour that took an encore bow on Apartment Therapy a few weeks back.

It’s the home of LA architect Tommy Chambers and partner Todd Kusy. The pair live in one half of the 1,250-square-foot duplex, and Chambers has the offices for his design business in the other half. He calls the design style of the house “collected bohemian chic.” 

Whatever it is, I'm ready to move in.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

I love the look of no blinds at top or bottom on the front windows. It lets so much light into the room while also preserving privacy.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

Here’s a close-up of that entry table. What a great idea to organize your essentials on a tray by the door and never forget wallet, keys or shades again.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

This view of the living room shows off the floor cushions that match the Moroccan rug, as well as the dresser and the art surrounding it.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

Both the ottomans and the couch are Chambers’ custom designs. He suggests making big upholstered pieces neutral and classic “then go to town on the pillows. Most important is to make play with the pillows because they’re the easiest thing to change and have fun with. *Sigh* This is truly a man after my own heart. 

I'd really prefer to hold court in this living room, but I spy...

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

...more of the blue bobbin-spool chairs flanking the entry table in the dining room. Chambers says the set of chairs was inexpensive, though they were originally painted black. The blue is a fun touch, and the style mixes well with the set of eight mahogany chairs he inherited from his grandmother, which he pulls into service from other rooms when needed.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

And I have to include a view of the dining that shows off this gorgeous painting. Chambers features more than 200 works of art in his home and says they’re his favorite part of the entire space.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

Decorating options are limited in a small galley kitchen, but Chambers makes the most of what he has with the Persian runner on the floor, Albert Hadley-designed wallpaper on the ceiling, and a burgundy professional-grade stove. The painting hanging over brick wallpaper adds even more character and a bit of cheek. 

Door treatment acts as an invitation to come closer

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

Chambers converted the double doors into the master bedroom into French-style bulletin boards for posting photos of friends and family, notes and memorabilia. “A daily reminder the LIFE IS GOOD,” he says.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Bethany Nauert

Chambers designed the upholstered headboard. It’s simply two upholstered rectangles that hang on the wall with flat cleat hangers. He found the faux stitched leather on a fabric store clearance table.

Such a fun boho home! 

See more photos of this home, including the office side of the duplex, at Apartment Therapy, and follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Boho home decor kibbutz-style

If you've ever wondered what life is like on a kibbutz, check out this boho modern home that's one of 10 new houses built for members of the Kfar Glikson kibbutz in northern Israel. It covers about 1,400 square feet on one level and is home to a family of four.

Glikson is a communal village founded in 1939 by Romanian immigrants (and named after one of them), and its newer homes are mostly scattered amongst the village’s older structures. This one, however, is tucked into a grove of old, twisted oaks at the village edge.

The Gfar Glikson kibbutz’s original agricultural focus on dairy and field crops has expanded to include handicrafts, rural tourism, and the manufacture of paints and modeling clay for children. The village also works to limit its environmental footprint. The father in this family works in solar energy for the village, while the mother is director of early childhood education.

Tal Nisim

I love the bright pops of color in the living room and the midcentury modern vibe. 

No draperies, of course, because who would want to shut out that view? I also wonder if the owners know how “on fleek” they are with an artist’s easel in their living room.

Tal Nisim

Notice the eclectic mix of ceiling lights, the cute crocheted rug on the floor, and all those pillows made by the wife. Chez boho, no? 

Tal Nisim

The mix of old, restored and refurbished chairs is what I love in the dining room. The wife grew up on a neighboring kibbutz, and the table was made by her father, who is a carpenter there.

Tal Nisim

Can I just say how much I love this simple, functional kitchen?

It reminds me so much of kitchens I had in my twenties, when I rented a series of apartments in older homes. I remember feeling then that my kitchen’s were a bit hodge-podge. But looking back, they had a warmth that matching “this and that” with all the bells and whistles available today misses. The open shelving in warm wood tones makes this room, I think. Again, notice the mix of pendant lights.

Tal Nisim

This “hub” area is the homeowners’ favorite part of the house because of its multipurpose functionality—TV watching, surfing the Internet, schoolwork, eating, etc. 

Me? I’m eyeing that purple chair!!

Onward and outward 

Tal Nisim

Even the approach to the home’s outdoors room is enticing. Wait until you see the rest!

Tal Nissim

Despite the home’s southern orientation, the shade of the adjacent oak grove keeps the porch cool and usable most of the year. Now that’s my idea of an outdoor room—one where indoor furniture works!

Tal Nisim

The lot includes a composting yard and garden irrigation based on gray water.

Tal Nisim

Looks so inviting, I don’t want to leave! If you agree, follow the links to see/read more about this home (opposite mouse click to translate), view a video of the kibbutzbook a vacation stay, and follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

‘Round round get around’ retro decor of Mid-Mod jewelbox home

If you’re “bugged driving up and down the same old strip,” this 1967 circular house in the Oakland (Calif.) Hills takes the edges off. 


Via Dot & Bo

Designed by Bay Area architect Leon Meyer, the outside is nothing compared to the inside, where the underside of the folded plate roof forms all the ceilings.

Via Dot & Bo

The owners—Julian and Desirée Goldklang—found the unusual home in pristine condition. They own Midcentury Moblers, an Oakland store that specializes in finding and restoring midcentury modern pieces, so had been looking for the perfect home to showcase their personal collection of mid-mod furnishings.

Via Dot & Bo

Renovations have wiped clean the original appeal of many homes built in that era, which spans the 1950s and 60s, but not this one. It retained all the original fittings in turnkey condition. Julian Goldklang thinks the home’s shape may have been what preserved it. If owners wanted to remodel, they’d have to customize everything, since you can’t just go to the store and purchase round doors and windows.

Via Dot & Bo

Truly EVERYTHING structural participates in the arc of the home. 

Via Dot & Bo

None of the windows or doors are without a bit of a curve. Note the rounded closet doors in the hallways (above and below left) and the curved countertop in the bath (below right).

Via Dot & Bo
A circular path leads you from the more public spaces of the house to the more private ones, giving the home, as it's also nestled in the trees, a bit of a cocoon feel.

Via Dot & Bo

The master bedroom is one of the few rooms with a door.

The living room capsulizes the couple’s mid-mod acumen.

Via Dot & Bo

The sofa is an original Adrian Pearsall design and sports its original upholstery.

Via Dot & Bo

Other favorites include the 1970s-era Ib Arberg Parrott Chair (left) and the Hans Wegner Danish modern web chair (right).

Via Dot & Bo

The Goldklangs are masters at selecting furnishings that not only accommodate but also cooperate with the house’s scale and round design. A collection of starburst clocks and curvy mirrors show up throughout.

Via Dot & Bo

Click on the links to see/read more about this home, get some tips on midcentury modern collectingshop the look inspired by the Goldklangs and their home at Dot & Bo, and follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Monday, April 25, 2016

30 BOHO touches to brighten a traditional home

I fell in love with this Austin home that appeared in the March 2016 Better Homes and Gardens. The more I look at it, the more I see what a great example it is of how simple changes to otherwise traditional rooms lend a boho look and feel, as well as personalize a space.

It’s hard to believe the house is a rental, but interior designer Meredith Ellis and family call it home for now. Ellis’ husband, Hunter, is a television host and former Navy pilot, and many of the items used to put the family’s stamp on this temporary space he acquired on his travels.

How many BOHO attributes can you pick out in the living room?

View #1… 
Kim Cornelison/BHG

View #2...
Kim Cornelison/BHG

I count 4 more in the kitchen. Can you guess without looking at the answers?

Kim Cornelison/BHG

The master bedroom, my favorite room, takes us up to 30.

Kim Cornelison/BHG

Which room is your favorite, and what do you love most about it?

Kim Cornelison/BHG

In case you were wondering, the house is a craftsman bungalow built in 1910 and just as fetching outside as in. I love how the sky blue steps lead up to the front door in the same color. So welcoming!
Almost as welcome as I would make you if you follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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