Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday {postscript} : Offers + crafts + 2 wowza videos

Order up a chair and a sofa for me, please!

Two blogs I follow offered TERRIFIC giveaway promotions this week, and there’s still time to opt in if you act by Tuesday, Nov. 3. Be sure to read and follow specific instructions on each blog site.

Good luck to all who enter. (Though I’M hoping to win at least one!)

Ellen’s other love leads to Home

No, I’m not talking about Ellen DeGeneres’ partner Portia. Ellen's just-out book, Home, showcases her other love--buying homes, reinventing them, and selling or renting out. She recently sold one of her homes to Ryan Seacrest, and singer/songwriter/actor Nick Jonas rents another.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show Tuesday she gave details, including how someone invited her to dinner once and she bought their home, as well as how her addiction eventually led to the book. She said she enjoys transforming the homes and would most definitely go into real estate if and when she stopped having fun in her current gig.

Follow the link to buy Home and other books by/about Ellen DeGeneres:

New fun you can DENY

DENY Designs introduced 299 new patterns of original art for its home furnishings product line Wednesday. DENY commissions patterns from independent artists, and items purchased benefit the artist.

Clockwise from upper left: Birch Trees by Allyson Johnson, Nala by Holli Zollinger, Red Fan by Cora Dantini, and Praises by Rebecca Allen.

My four favorites are pictured above, with patterns and links to respective artists listed in the caption. Knowing the artist and starting to recognizing his/her work is part of what makes DENY pieces so much fun—that and all the terrific color and pattern! I struggled to choose just four, and if you ask me again on another day you might get four very different answers.

I happen to be a geometric/abstract pattern nut, as you can see, but the line also includes seasonal, photographic, representational, and ethnographic art. Check out all 299, pick your own must-haves, and order everything from sheets to phone cases to clocks on the DENY Designs blog.

Many DENY Design items become collectibles. Earlier patterns can often be purchased on Amazon:

More flora and fauna

Design Sponge

If you enjoyed my Oct. 19 post, “Falling for flora and fauna in a BIG way,” (and the stats say many of you did) this photo will give you some extra design inspiration. What I really like about the display is the homeowner made no attempt to disguise that she tore these prints from a book. She’s left the torn edges exposed, used cardboard backing for the mounts, and chosen identical, value-priced poster frames to unify the grouping.

Notice that all are the same size (since they came from the same book), but some are oriented horizontally and some vertically. The overall shape of the arrangement is a modified rectangle, but you could certainly do it any number of ways. All in all, it’s a thrifty and creative way to bring color and interest to the rustic casual leanings of the room.

See/read more about this 1925 craftsman-inspired bungalow in Richmond, VA, on Design Sponge. And if you’re looking for some books to tear up, check out BoHo Home Boutique’s Flora & Fauna shop. Shopping links for all the books, prints and posters from the original article are located there, as well as some additional themed gift items and home goods.

Go to the head of the crafty class

If you read my Oct. 22 post, “A show of hands, please,” you know I have a thing for body parts décor. Sounds more gruesome than it is, and I draw the line at actual human skeletons (or look-alikes) and kitschy zombie stuff (no skulls or organ models for me, please). I’m thinking more along the line of wooden artist’s mannequins and ceramic reproductions of vintage glove forms.

The House that Lars Built

So imagine my delight when I found this “flower head vase” DIY tutorial on The House that Lars Built. It uses a Styrofoam head from a craft store, but what you end up with looks like anything else but. The tutorial includes links to a face template and instructions for making the paper tulips shown. But feel free to search out your own face template on-line, as well as different flowers or materials for the “hair.”

This would be a fun and inexpensive table centerpiece for an event, and it could be given any number of seasonal looks as well. At the least, it’s a cute and original gift that would perk up any bookshelf or desk.

5 fall crafts carry through to Thanksgiving

(It doesn’t get much simpler than this, folks.)

Last call for Halloween

  • Nine more makeup video tutorials...

Still at a loss for a costume? Check out these links to nine more makeup video tutorials rounded up by Bloglovin’. (Here's the link to the 10 I ran last Friday, in case you missed them.) This batch includes:
  1. Cleopatra (shown)
  2. Lion
  3. Glam zombie
  4. Snapchat costumes
  5. Edward Scissorhands
  6. Nebular from Guardians of the Galaxy
  7. Maleficent
  8. Marie Antoinette
  9. La Catrina

Apartment Therapy
You’ll find links to photos/articles about…
  1. UFO crash site (shown and my personal favorite).
  2. A yard display with more than 3,000 pumpkins.
  3. Ghost maidens (includes a tutorial)
  4. Steampunk drill
  5. Giant tentacle monster (my #2, includes instructions)

  • Since it’s too late to try this, sit back and enjoy

If this doesn’t get you in the mood, nothing will. But don't worry, it'll all be over for another year in one more day (though the sugar high your kids will have will last another month or so).

And finally, a reward for those who read this far

I hesitate to bring up anything Christmas-related until at LEAST after Nov. 1, but this is too cute to resist, and I wanted you to see it here...

Yes, it’s a gratuitous ad for West Elm, and one they did NOT pay me to run. It just showed up in my inbox one day and charmed me. They made it so darn cute I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Animals and babies are always a safe bet, right?

Have a spooky, safe and fun Halloween

May all your treats be sweet and any tricks be neat!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Cat's Compleat Guide to Home Decorating

Today is National Cat Day, so I thought it only fair to give the cats who have owned boho me their decorating due with 30 catechisms on home decorating. I found these through the years scrawled on torn-up pieces of toilet paper, chewed envelopes and mauled box flaps hidden behind my refrigerator (along with catnip mouses, balls, plastic springs, nyla-chews and an assortment of pens and pencils).

Without further amew, here's the decorating scoop from Maisie, Molly, Katie, Ernie, Buffy, Purr and Mittens...

1. When life gives you lemons, 

put them in a glass jar and build a room around them.

Found on Made By Mood

2. You can never have too many throw pillows. 

(The more the merrier for peek-a-boo, so let's play already!)

Peter Carlsson

3. To save on maintenance, choose a color scheme that hides cat hair. 

(And me so I can jump out and scare you!)

4. Aesthetics are important, but make sure choices fit lifestyle. 

(I like how my fur looks against this bedspread, 

but you won't when I move. Refer to #3.) 

House & Home

5. Have plenty of comfy seats, and let the sun shine in! 

6. Keep windowsills free of clutter. 

(I need room to swish my tail.)

Parrish Relics

7. Embrace the rumpled-bed look! 

(The better to smell you with, my dear.) 

29 Black Street

8. Do NOT, under any circumstances, allow dogs on furniture. 

Cindy Rinfret, designer

9. Choose carpet that will stand up to the rigor-and-roll of daily use. 

Geoffrey & Grace

10. However, choose an area rug for its ability to disguise hairballs. 

Found on rebloggy

11. Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. 

When I catch a bird or a chipmunk, I’ll reciprocate.

California Home + Design

12. Plants bring movement and life to a room. 

(They make great snacks, too!)

Jaclyn Campanaro/Design Sponge

13. But keep plants off the windowsills unless you like dirt on the floor. 

(Refer to #6).

Jaclyn Campanaro/Design Sponge

14. Live and let live. 

(Please tell me the rug and pillows are not my siblings.)

Found on Instagram                     

15. Every room 'kneads' a knitted throw.

Yacine Aziz

16. A faux fur throw, however, has 

ALL the advantages of another cat without the upkeep.

Apartment Therapy

17. Attitude is everything. 

You can get away with just about anything if you're fluffy and cute,

(or you act as if you believe you are).

Sara Tuttle Interiors

18. The highest price and pedigree doesn't always mean the best value. 

Shop around.

Marcus Design

19. Never color coordinate books. 

Like me, they don't need your help to look good.

Interior Design 2014

20. Everything goes with a gray sofa.

HDW Pics

21. Everyone goes with a gray sofa.

(I thought it was worth repeating.)

22. Leave space on shelves for me to explore.

(I like to experiment with sound and motion as objects fall.)

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

23. You can never have too many windows. 

Draperies, on the other hand, are overrated.

Yacine Aziz

24. View the possibilities of a room from all angles 

and let its architecture speak to you.

Found on Newlyweds Next Door

25. Strive for a “collected” look in your home and workplace. 

(The more places for me to hide, the better!)

Found on Fair Hope Supply

26. Choose who you collaborate with wisely.


27. Make sure your work area has plenty of storage 

and a large, clutter-free desk for lolling (me, not you).

Found on Grey House Design Studio/Esther Ruth

28. Know when to stop. 

It may be true that a room is never finished, but we gotta play sometime!


29. Every work in progress needs a boss. 

You have me, so go open a can of mackerel and shrimp 

while I check out these paint colors.

Design Sponge/Zoey Klein

30. Never, EVER let anyone talk you out of what you truly love. 

(That goes for dibs on the purple chair*, too!)

Interior Design 2014
*My office chair is also purple, and Maisie is determined to make it hers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

YAAAS!! ‘Waterblooms’ rug makes my heart pound

The net I’m caught in is Anthropologie’s Waterblooms area rug

It’s my biggest boho design crush to date (biggest = most expensive). Every time I see it my heart skips a beat and I find my head swimming--nay, floundering--in its deep, dark blue boho waters. 


I first saw Waterblooms in this photograph and didn’t know it was technically a rug or where it was sold. It hung here as a room divider, and I envisioned it in my own living room hanging on the wall behind my sofa. I assumed it was some sort of coverlet or throw made in the Asian subcontinent and one of these days I’d run across it and make it mine. 

Since I had't seen it for sale, my crush hadn’t yet escalated to obsession. 


Then one day it appeared in a shopping email from Anthropologie. I hurriedly clicked on the link to find out available sizes and prices.


And that’s when my heart sank. 

If ever I could afford this, there’d be at least a dozen other items we needed to take care of first nudging it to the back of the line. Chris would never go for the expense, and I was sure he wouldn't like it in the living room anyway.


But that hasn't kept me from drooling over it. 

The rug’s crewel-embroidered design is worked in wool and backed with cotton. It comes in six sizes ranging in price from $98 to $1,598. I want the 8 x 10, which is a ridiculous (for me) $1,198.

The only review I could locate (NOT on Anthropologie’s website) gave Waterblooms only two out of five stars, which should have cured my crush. But the reviewer confessed she wanted to use it as a rug—in a kitchen no less. While the crewel-work was gorgeous, she said, the backing was merely tacked on, and she didn’t think it would hold up to daily use.

Granted, at this price, it should be put together more securely. But I also can’t imagine anyone would buy Waterblooms to WALK on, let alone cook near. 


I could swing the low end, no problem. But I think you’ll agree, the impact isn't the same at 2 x 3.


Now here's a thought...

If I reeled in my desire to 3 x 5 ($248), I could hang it over my desk, write it off on my taxes, and stare into its depths all day long, day after day. I believe it would inspire my writing! Yes. Yes, it would. I. Just. Know. It!

So here’s hoping Santa reads BoHo Home, makes a note, and takes pity. I do, after all, quote him quite a bit (bo-ho-ho), so he owes me one. 

And after all, I’ve been very, very good this year. Right, Chris? Chris?! Chris!! Chrrr-i-i-i-i-issss?? 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tucked away in style x 12

If I see something sagging, bagging or dragging 

I’ll get it nipped, tucked or sucked. 

—Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton acquired her signature look by making the most of her natural assets. Her advice also makes a lot of sense when looking at the asset we call our boho home. Check out these nifty decorous ways to nip and tuck your stuff while contributing to your home's signature boho look.

1. Fool the eye 

Apartment Therapy

What looks like a custom built-in is really a DIY hack. Find a storage bench and a shelf to fit your space, then unify the two and the wall they back up against with paint. I especially love this rich purple (Benjamin Moore Vintage Wine) against the green walls.

2. Go dotty

The Styled Child

An simple bench and wood drawer knobs in various sizes bring this storage area alive when painted bright, fun colors. I love the addition of the “dot” rugs and pillows. This would work well in a child’s room as well as a hallway.

3. Orange you special

Here's another DIY hack that yields a custom look. In summer it works for storage of swim towels and patio cushions. In winter it could hold boots, coats, gloves, scarves and throws. I love the fun colors, all brought together in the striped dhurrie rug.

4. Locker it up

Found on Design Trolls

Repurposed school lockers make great mudroom cubbies for shoes, school books, backpacks and such. Let the kids have the bottom tiers, and you can use the top rows for out-of-season gloves, hats and scarves. The addition of a chair makes for a place to take boots on and off.

5. Pipe dream


Simple copper plumbing pipe installed in an interesting shape makes art and a quirky coat/hat/bag rack when you add S hooks. I like the bright orange cupboard and the pale peach wall beyond, as well as the old style telephone all alone on that rustic stool. Next job: ripping out that grungy carpet.

6. Spring, sprang, sprong

Scarlet Fig

Disposing of old beds is always a problem. How about removing the spring set and hanging it to hold a colorful display? Here it does double-duty as sculpture and shows off fabrics, but it would be equally useful (and pretty) decked with towels in a kitchen or bath, kitchen utensils or craft supplies.

7. Split decision

The Cottage Market

What a cute way to have workspace for two and privacy for both. This looks like the back was removed from the bookshelf and the table placed through it. Rather than cutting the main parts of either major piece, the backing was probably cut and refitted. Notice the little peephole? This would be perfect for a cookbook and craft space in a kitchen or for a children's homework space. Such a clever use of off-the-shelf materials and a conversation piece all at once!

8. Spin me a yarn

Found on Flickr

There’s something so simply beautiful about these cubbies stuffed with colorful skeins of yarn. I don’t knit, but it makes me want to stock up just for the pop of color it brings to this work area. Yarn is so warm and fuzzy, too! Think how calming it would be to pull out a ball every now and then and stroke. 

Okay, TMI. Let's move on.

9. The paint pantry

These bottles of craft paint, like the yarn, provide pops of color, but you can tuck it all away when not working on a project. Such an ingenious way to use a wall-mounted, fold-down desk!

10. Cracked and potted

Madam Stoltz

A purposely random wall display of containers draws attention to, rather than away from, a crack. The stack of books, wood and what-nots beneath the bench points up another crack in the floor. In my mother’s day, they would have tried to hide both, but the cracks are part of what makes this vignette interesting. This sort of display could work well in an office, kitchen, bath or hallway, and is a simple look to achieve even if you have no cracks to add ambience. See more vignettes from this Denmark retailer at Planete Deco.

11. Build up, not out

Deco Peques

Fit THREE twin beds in the space of one with this cool platform idea. This would be a terrific use of space in a beach house or for younger children near in age in any home.

12. Think outside the box

Your home hides all sorts of wasted space. Areas under stairs are a no-brainer, but who’d have thought about an access door in the stairway landing? Ingenious! This is a great place to stash seasonal items in the off-season—holiday decorations, blankets, winter clothes and such—or just a neat place for the kids to hide.

We utilized the area under our stairs at a previous home and accessed it through a coat closet, which meant we had to remove the coats, then crawl on our hands and knees to get stuff in or out. It was a great storage space for Christmas decorations, but I wish we would have thought of this for access. It would have made things so much easier.

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