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24 ways to up your color mojo and thumb your nose at Crayola @bohosusan

Crayon manufacturer Crayola has announced it will celebrate National Crayon Day tomorrow, March 31, by dropping a color from its 24-crayon basic box. Tune in for the big announcement of precisely which color will melt into oblivion at 8:45 a.m. EST Friday on Facebook.

Not that it will make any difference, but the company invites you also to share your preference for what to keep at #ShareYourFave.

That 24-crayon pack currently includes primary and secondary colors red, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet, along with neutrals black, white, gray and brown. We can assume those are safe, but what of the crossovers yellow-orange, blue-green, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-green, blue-violet, violet-red and green-yellow? That leaves scarlet, indigo, carnation pink, dandelion, apricot and cerulean.

What does all this have to do with home décor? Probably not a lot, since Pantone is the goddess we bow to and its mix-masters keep inventing new rather than pulling old because they’re always happy to have one more page to charge for.

Meanwhile, here are some 24 links to articles I've collected on how to use color in your home—one for each and every color is the soon-to-be history 24-color box. Enjoy!


These 6 Lessons in Color Will Change the Way You Decorate, OKL @bohosusan
One Kings Lane / Patrick Mele

One Kings Lane dishes with designer Patrick Mele, using one of his most recent design projects to illustrate the six referenced lessons. There’s also a Q&A complete with extra tips at the end. Don’t miss it!


Amy Astley on Living with Color, AD @bohosusan
Simon Upton photo / Matteo Bonnetti, designer

This introduction to the new AD editor begins with a John Ruskin quote that seems to say it all: “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” But why? Astley tells us what she thinks. Gorgeous photos from the pages of AD.


Ideas to Decorate With Color, Espacio Living @bohosusan
Emily Henderson Styled / Espacio Living

Unless you’re fluent in Spanish, you’ll need to translate (opposite mouse-click on text, select “translate”) this sampling of colorful living rooms put together by Espacio Living. Too much trouble? Not to worry. The photos speak volumes on their own. Look and learn!


The Secret to Pairing Bold Colors, AD @bohosusan
Julia Lynn photo

AD interviews designer Angie Hranowsky, who never met a color combo she couldn’t get to shake hands and play nice. The secret, she says, is matching values. Read along and see what she means as she dissects choices from a recent project in a Sullivans Island, SC, home.


How to Add Color to Your Home, Bloglovin: The Edit @bohosusan
Via jelanieshop

Discover the roles played by color-coding, combining, contrast and balance, similar hues, focus, fun, and lighting.


Finding Foolproof Color Combinations, Apartment Therapy @bohosusan

Learn all about a new on-line tool called Palettable that can help you choose a whole-house or single-room palette. 


Design Guide: Color Rules, Confetti Style @bohosusan
Laurel Bern Interiors

Start with a color you love, of course. But there’s more. Much more. So follow the link to take it all in, why don'tcha?


Home Tones: Successful Color Combos, H is for Home Harbinger @bohosusan
EKB Interiors

Nothing to read here, but lots of eye-candy combinations that work and how!


Why High-End Paint is Always Worth the Splurge

The Right Way to Test Out Paint, both from AD @bohosusan
Thomas Loof photo

Are you really getting more when you pay for a pricier paint? The short answer is yes. The long answer—that is, WHAT you’re getting—is in these easy reads from AD. You’ll learn all about how pigments and resins affect coverage, drying time and durability, along with tips on testing out a color before you commit.


5 Rules for Selecting the Perfect Paint Color, The Inspired Room @bohosusan

Melissa Michaels, blogger and author of several books, always makes tough subjects simple for those of us whose decorating careers are no less important simply because they begin and end at our own front doors.


How to Choose the Paint Color You Really Want, Sunset @bohosusan
Refined Interiors / Houzz

Some experts say the hunt for the perfect home colors begins right here, in your wardrobe. What colors do you wear often? For me, it’s magenta and turquoise, and yes, they’re everywhere in my home because they make me happy. Memories and feelings play roles as well. Get some advice and inspiration from the experts.


Choosing Color: How to Determine the Undertone, Tidbits & Twine @bohosusan
Tidbits & Twine

Masstone, undertone, simultaneous contrast, hue, shade, color wheel, complements—is your head spinning yet? It won’t be after reading this easy-to-understand guide before you head out for the paint store. 


Does Paint Color Really Affect Your Mood?, AD @bohosusan

The short answer is yes. Now read this interview with Dr. Mary Gregerson, president of the American Psychological Association’s Society for Environment, Population, and Conservation Psychology, to find out how.


Considering Transparency and Opacity in Décor, Apartment Therapy @bohosusan
Tamara Gavin photo

Remember from grade school? That’s see through and not. But there’s more to it than that when you apply it to your home. Clear up whatever you feel particularly dense about with this short read.


How to Ace Decorating with Dark Walls, AD @bohosusan
Colin Miller photo / Haus Interiors

Dark walls are all the rage, but dark paint strikes fear in the heart of most husbands, if not their decorating partners as well. Here’s what to know to get your courage up and make your mark by going dark.


This Might Be the Most Flattering Paint Color Ever, AD @bohosusan
Michelle Arcila photo

But if dark’s not in the cards for you, find this at the other end of the spectrum. Discover the attributes of Tissue Pink on your walls. It’s just as raging as dark and not nearly so scary.


How to Pick a Color Palette that will Pull Your Home Together, Apartment Therapy @bohosusan
West Elm

It’s all about pattern, art, grounding, lateral thinking, and a judicious use of pop colors. Follow the link for the low-down.


The 2017 Colors of the Year, According to Paint Companies, Apartment Therapy @bohosusan

If all this talk about color has whipped you into a decorating frenzy but on trend matters to you, check out what the paint companies say you should buy.


New Season Paint Trends from Farrow & Ball, Mad About the House @bohosusan
Farrow & Ball

This article narrows down the previous even more while also expanding. Learn what amongst Farrow & Ball’s palette of 132 gorgeous tones is trending in March 2017, through the eyes of journalist Kate Watson-Smyth.

For more fun and inspiration...


The Colors of India, The Transcontinental Affair @bohosusan
Sophie Thé

If you can’t make the trip, this is the go-to review of one stylist’s Instagram-logged journey. What a scrapbook of inspiration for infusing your own home with exotic color!


The 15 Most Colorful places in the World, Sunday Chapter @bohosusan

To find out just where this is, as well as 14 additional color-crazy spots, hop on over to Sunday Chapter. Then, imagine these places as inspiration for decorating your very own home.


 How Pastels Became a Cultural Obsession, Co.Design @bohosusan

Read how the color experts weigh in on how and why these soft, fluffy shades make their mark. Hint: It goes back a lot farther than Rose Quartz and Serenity, 2016’s Pantone colors of the year.


A Brief History of Color in Art, Artsy @bohosusan
Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers

The good, the bad, and the ugly about the history of red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, and white pigments. Find out just how lucky we are (or not) today.


The Crazy History Behind Your Favorite Colors, Elle Décor @bohosusan
Elle Decor

Before you decide what colors to use in your home, you might want to know what they stand for—or at least what they stood for once, and where they came from. This link gives you a full-scale infographic with all the nitty-gritty.

If you want more…

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  • Click on the (affiliate) links below to check out (and/or purchase) the classic tomes on color history and theory.
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Books on color history


Classic books on color


Books on color in interior design today


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The 10 home décor blogs that most inspire me @bohosusan
Waiting on Martha

Up until a few years ago, I never read blogs of any sort. No time, I thought.

But then one based on decorating with a favorite color—a preference I shared—crossed my path, and I was hooked. I loved looking at the beautiful photographs, of course, but something about this blog made me want to write one myself, though it took a while for me to decide on my focus.

Pinterest also played a role, as I explained in a previous post. Never underestimate the power of beautiful photographs—of anything!—to change your attitude toward life in general and in particular. @bohosusan
Via Design Indulgences
What I discovered about blogs is that there are so many people out there doing so many things in so many unique ways.

I started to read to get ideas for my own blog, but I kept reading because these writers and their perspectives on home became friends of a sort. Some write a lot, while others write little or focus on sharing photos only.

I follow more than 300 home interiors blogs through Bloglovina social media channel for blog readers. Once you set up an account, you choose the blogs you want to follow from the categories list, and the site gives you a continuous feed with links to the latest posts. The post snippet usually includes a photo, headline, and opening sentences, from which you decide whether to click and read/see more. 

Not all blogs post every day, but many do, and this is an easier way of scanning for what interests me than by subscribing and sorting through a mountain of posts sent to my email inbox.

But Bloglovin’ isn’t just a clearinghouse for home-decor blogs. You can search for blogs to follow by topic—beauty, food and drink, fashion (men’s or women’s), health, DIY and crafts, travel, and more—or you can add a blog (yours?) not listed by plugging in its url.

The Bloglovin’ feed is how I discovered most of the favorites listed in this post. The illustration with each one shows you how items look in the Bloglovin’ feed. Click on the subhead to see the latest post for that blog, and click on the photo caption to read the snipped post.

So here are my top 10 blogs, but in no particular order because it’s too hard to choose!!


Keltainen Talo Rannalla

(Yellow House on the Beach, Finland) @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Don’t let the language barrier scare you. Blogger Tarja Kankaanpää-Salonen concentrates on photographs, but what little she writes can be easily translated. Use the translate button in her sidebar or position your cursor on some text, opposite mouse-click, choose the translate option, and Windows will take it from there.

Tarja features three home tours in one post everyday (don’t know how she does it). Some are from the United States, but many are European and beyond, which means you see homes you might not find elsewhere. The homes she chooses are often eclectic—mixtures of styles and periods—that translate as boho in my book. What they all do have in common is they look as if real people live real lives in them. The look is layered and acquired, rather than contrived through over-decorating and -styling. Their charm seems like something you can attain, too, on your own.

Tarja also sometimes includes a feature following her tours called “Today at Home,” generally comprised of a few evocative photos of her own home—moody vignettes that relax and remind the reader to notice the little things that make daily life beautiful.


Planete Deco 

(A Homes World, France) @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Planete Deco’s Lilly Rose breaks down the language barrier by including most all text in French and in English. She posts several tours over the course of each day, rather than multiple tours as one post. She also sometimes does instructional posts, as well as a weekly round-up of individual rooms and décor ideas she finds and loves that deserve a mention but don’t merit a full post.

Reading content is usually limited to a one-paragraph description of the homes location and some background about it and/or its owners. Homes featured are usually apartments rather than single-family homes, but extremely fascinating apartments with great architectural detail. Decor runs about half Scandi-style and the other half an eclectic mix, mostly from Europe and the US, and each tour always includes a floorplan.


White Buffalo Styling Company @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

White Buffalo Styling Company’s Lindsay Jackman is a southern gal and a young mother—two things we don’t have in common. But I love her blog because she writes about her home, her family, and her journey in life with such openness and sincerity.

Her modest but swoon-worthy home is not only decorated beautifully, but she’s always coming up with gorgeous embellishments she makes herself. Anytime I’ve ever commented on one of her posts, she always responds with a thank-you and/or an engaging reply. She’s a boho girl after my own heart, and she’s won it.


Addicted 2 Decorating @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Lots to read in this blog, but also lots to learn from blogger Kristi Linauer, for whom Addicted 2 Decorating is more than just a blog name. Follow Kristi’s journey as she transforms her true fixer-upper home.

But don't be fooled. This is a reno blog with a difference, in that Kristi, an interior decorator by trade, does more than a lion’s share of the work herself—including (but not limited to, as Kristi is a no-limits kind of gal) carpentry and other construction, refinishing, sewing, painting and upholstery. She’s built chairs from scratch and upholstered them as well as constructed statement décor pieces from scraps. And she’s never afraid of repainting something over and over and over again to get just the look she wants.

Even if you’re not into DIY, her posts are full of tips on how to hire the right people to do what you can’t or don’t want to do. She’s a force a force of nature you have to read about and see for yourself to believe, and you won't be sorry you made the time for her.


The Inspired Room @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Melisssa Michaels of The Inspired Room is author of the book of the same name, as well as a home décor coloring book and, most recently Simple Decorating. She shares a balanced dose of photos and text, always tied in some way to her own home-decorating journey and a way of helping you with yours.

The Inspired Room is all about making home a place to live, simply and easily, that’s also beautiful and tells your story. I like it that her children are grown-up and out of the house, like my own, but also join her in decorating projects, also like my own.

If you love golden doodles, you’ll also love all the photos of Melissa’s adorable dogs and those that belong to her daughters. This is another area we have in common; not that I own a dog (I’m a cat-person all the way), but my daughter owns a golden doodle, and I love that kookie Millie even though she’s not a cat.


Desire to Inspire @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Speaking of cats and dogs, my favorite feature of Desire to Inspire's Jo Walker and Kim Johnson is Monday’s “Pets on Furniture,” which my own Maisie-Cat has appeared in twice.

The blog is a transcontinental collaboration of two women—one in Toronto, Canada, and the other in Brisbane, Australia—who’ve only met virtually (on Flickr) but are both home-decorating junkies with day jobs. They spend their spare time in search of the perfect room and share with their readers what they find.

Tours and other inspiration come from all over the world. Again, comment on a post on this blog or send in your own pet on your own furniture and you’re bound to get a personal response.


Inspired By Charm @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Michael J. Wurm Jr. has just about the cutest house ever in a town in western Pennsylvania I remember driving through many times as a kid, on my way to grandma’s. His blog is full of to-die-for recipes, easy but sophisticated craft projects, and great decorating advice.

But mostly I read IBC because of Michael’s great sense of humor and his openness and sincerity. If he wrote with a southern accent, I’d swear he and Lindsay at White Buffalo were brother and sister.


The Decorista @bohosusan
Click here to read this post.

Although I’ve followed interior decorator Ashlina Kaposta’s blog for some time, The Decorista only recently became one of my favorites. Ashlina’s signature style is glam and her favorite color palette is black and white. And though I love looking at the over-the-top images she shares and get a lot of ideas from them, they’re not really me.

However, Ashlina has so many excellent posts that tie decorating in with healthy lifestyle that I wouldn’t miss a day. She covers topics like feng shui and spirit animals, as well as using color, decorating trends, and new products.

The “spirit animal” post linked to here finally got me to comment on The Decorista after nearly two years of reading. I shared a personal story that was related and was touched by Ashlina’s equally personal response.


Live. Love. Home. 

(By One Kings Lane) @bohosusan
Click here to read this post

Edited by Dickson Wong, this is the blog of retailer One Kings Lane. If you’ve never shopped One Kings Lane, you don’t know what you’re missing. And the blog includes glorious tours of the homes of with-it decorators, fashion designers, and lifestyle business mavens, as well as interviews and feel-good articles, such as “The Secret to Making the Perfect Cup of Tea.”

All articles include a “shop this post” aspect tying back to One Kings Lane’s luxury new and vintage furnishings. Their photos are the best, so even if you can’t buy, it’s a great place to look and drool.


Apartment Therapy @bohosusan
Click here to read this post

Apartment Therapy is the brainchild of designer Maxwell Ryan, who became known as the “apartment therapist” when he traveled by scooter to clients’ home to help them make their spaces beautiful, organized and healthy. Part interior designer, part life coach, his touchpoints were simplicity, comfort and lack of clutter.

About 12 years ago he launched the Apartment Therapy website with his brother, Oliver, and turned what was a weekly email distribution list into an online magazine of store and product reviews, interviews, tips, Q&A from readers, and reader-submitted home tours.

Apartment Therapy not only keeps me informed about what’s happening in the design world, it gives me tools to decorate my own home and the confidence to do it my way. I also seeing how other people live—real people, ordinary people, all who love the homes they’ve made for themselves and want to share them.

I hope some of my favorites become your favorites, too. @bohosusan
Via Design Sponge

No, I don’t read every one every day. But I do scan those that post and pick out what interests me. Sometimes I just run my eyes over photos and pin what I think I might use on my own blog or in decorating my own home. Sometimes I read every word. The challenge (and fun!) is in taking an idea and redeveloping it in my own way so it fits the BoHo Home brand, which is uniquely me.

All of which goes a long way in explaining why I enjoy blogs and designers whose tastes are different from my own. Because, you see, there’s never been a photo of a room that didn’t teach me something. @bohosusan
                                                                                                                     Johanna Vintage

As I said at the start of this post, never underestimate the power of beautiful photographs—of anything! But know that it’s not merely about looking; it’s about seeing. I hope you’ll go visiting my favorite blogs and either find inspiration for your own home or simply relax and soak up some of the beauty life has to offer.

Just don't forget to come back here, to BoHo Home.

If you haven't already, you can follow BoHo Home with Bloglovin. Or, subscribe to emailed posts using one of the services at the bottom of this page.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Back to bookshelf styling school for Boho Susan @bohosusan

I like to get my BoHo Home articles done in advance and watch them post automatically while I work on something new. What can I say? I’m a bit of type A. But lately I’m behind or, worse yet, barely making it. Tuesday’s article didn’t post until mid-morning—ACK! And I haven’t gotten ahead of myself now for more than a week.

Nothing scheduled? Tragedy!!

The reason? It’s been boho-busy around here, what with spring cleaning and a host of other household projects I’ve created for myself. Oh yeah, and Chris is struggling with an irritated tendon in his leg, so we’re both on canes for the time being. His injury means some of my projects have to wait. In the meantime, I thought I’d update you on one very big thing I did accomplish: another bookcase revamp.

While Chris whipped through the rest of the house (and overdid), I struggled in place in my office. That’s not to say I didn’t accomplish anything. I removed every book from its shelf, thoroughly cleaned and polished the bookcases, then reorganized, reshelved and restyled. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

Voila! Looks great, huh? If you remember, I just did this in October. But that arrangement took on the messies faster than I anticipated. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photos / BoHo Home

This side-by-side comparison shows how the bookcases have morphed over time. The middle one looks very stylish, I agree, but it didn’t function so well. Seems like as soon as I finished reorganizing it that way, I started making changes again. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photos / BoHo Home

I do most of my writing in that purple wing chair, with my laptop on a small portable desk. That basket near where my right arm would be was chock full of stuff—mostly vitamin supplements—and I wasted a lot of time searching for pens, pencils, notepaper AND vitamins. So I added an organizer, which shared the shelf with the basket, and neither one was easy to use. There isn’t a photo to support it, but trust me.

But let’s not jump ahead.

3 things I did differently this time around... @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

1. Fewer books displayed

I don’t know if it’s apparent from the photos, but fewer books are now displayed on the shelves. They’re all still there, but inside the baskets. Before, craft supplies filled the baskets. I went through those, pitched what was no good and moved the rest to a cupboard. I then put in the baskets books I wanted to keep but didn’t access often. 

2. No dust jackets

I also relieved all books of dust jackets and ferreted the paper covers away in a closet in case I change my mind. This was an idea I got from designer Kit Kemp in her book, Every Room Tells a Story. It creates a more cohesive look from afar. 

3. Organized by color, sort of @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

As you know, Type-A Me likes her books arranged by genre, so all poetry, essay and memoir are still alphabetized by author (now on the first and third shelves of this first section). I could not abide all my slim, mostly paperback, volumes of poetry stacked vertically as I arranged them in October—too hard to get in and out of, too difficult to keep neat.

I then arranged multiple volumes by the same author according to color. I have to admit, it IS somewhat easier on the eyes. I can't do all my books by color, but I take back any aspersions I've previously cast about such an organization scheme. It certainly has its pluses. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

Vertical stacking is great for the larger, hardback coffee-table books. I divvied these up by color as much as possible and used the extra space on these shelves to display some of my pretties. How about that gorgeous cat I scored on Ebay? She’s one of pair; you’ll see her mate in section three. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

No room for anything on top of this stack, but the sides are filled out nicely with items I’ve had in storage way too long. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

Fiction, reference and other nonfiction fill the middle section, with cookbooks, craft books and extra notebooks occupying the baskets. Again, where I could, I arranged by color. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

The third section includes a shelf devoted to books about writing, as well as an overflow of other nonfiction.There’s the mate to my Ebay kitty on top of that stack! I love these cats so much; I smile every time I see them.

Note also the close-up of my organizer on a shelf by itself and my supplements tucked away with my paper supply in the bottom basket. Neat and tidy, like my momma taught me! If you have bariatric surgery, you take a lot of vitamin supplements FOR LIFE. This chair is also where I sit to set up what I’ll take each day, which I then put into that pink cup. 

It’s easier to see what I’m reaching for now. In fact, everything functions better for me all-around. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

I also added art above this chair since last you saw it—this shadowbox (it’s on sale now!) and a fan from Ghana—as well as a small handwoven rug, which packs some textural punch draped over the chair back. I could rename this Cord Corner, since this area is the hub for a spaghetti plate of recharging devices. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

But it’s nothing compared to the stack of boxes left from yesterday’s deliveries. What was in them? Well, that will be the subject of another post. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

I need to rest on the laurels of one completed project before I take on another. But stay tuned, either by subscribing to BoHo Home, using one of the services at the bottom of the page, or follow my blog with Bloglovin.

In the meantime, if you want help with your own bookshelf restyling, here's a quick, fun video tutorial...

Happy First Saturday of Spring!!

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